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Meet Apache’s Mom, Lynette

Date : 05/07/2021

No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.” - Godfrey Winn. Apache has truly been blessed to have both and on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we’d like to focus on one of those special ladies who has helped mold Apache into the successful artist he is today, his mother, Lynette. 

Apache has always been a loving, caring individual who’s always available to help. As a child, his mother would often take him and his brother to the mandir in their home country of Guyana. From there, they started to develop a love for music. Lynette fondly recalls taking them to the mandir and teaching them some of the music that was sung there. When they moved to New York, Apache started to gravitate towards the reggae and dancehall genres of music, following artists like Yellow Man, Bob Marley, and Sundar Popo. 

Even before he began his music career, Lynette has always supported her son’s music. She recalls that Apache and his brother would often invite one of their friends over and practice their beats and lyrics in their Queens home.

She is proud of the man Apache has become. He is a down-to-earth, humble, loving person that will render his help whenever needed. She believes one of her biggest successes in raising him was being able to teach him to always know who he is, be natural, and have integrity. She emphasized that these are things that must come from inside, and you can’t go looking for other people to tell you who you are. As a child, when they lived in Guyana, she remembers him always being helpful even when his brother would choose to go out and play, Apache would offer to help. Lynette had a little altar set up in the home where she would say her prayers and Apache would often take care of that altar, and go and pick flowers to place there. In whatever he did, he always put his best foot forward. 

Now, as an adult, Lynette is still very proud of her son. She is proud of him not just as a musician but as a man. The sparkle in her eyes and pride in her voice is unmistakable when she’s talking about Apache. Today we celebrate her, and all mother’s across the world for all they do for their children. Happy Mother’s Day!


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