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Thank You For The Love!

Date : 11/24/2022

With more than two decades in the music industry, I can say it’s been a long and rewarding journey, but it doesn’t end here. I just want to take a moment to shout out to you, the fans of Apache Waria. You are the heartbeat of my work!

My journey with music started when I was a young boy. I have always had the desire to use my platform to expose the sweet sounds of Caribbean music to the world. Pursuing music as a Guyanese, trying to build a life in the United States was no easy task, but the love of music was the passion that motivated me. During my musical journey, I had the privilege of working with some big names in the industry and I am forever grateful for their mentorship. But most of all, I am extremely grateful to you, my fans, for being here with me through it all!

When I walk onstage and feel the energy and love you flow my way, it envelops me and radiates back out to you. This circle of love fuels my passion for music, keeps it burning brightly. It is important for you to know that I don’t just consider you my fans, you are my family, my people and you elevate my music.

When we’re not together at a live performance, we can keep our connection strong on social media and create our vibe. Let’s continue this loving, creative journey together. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course, YouTube.

My love to you all! I am so grateful for your unending support and look forward to creating more music for you to enjoy. In the meantime, you can browse my page to catch up on my existing catalog here: https://www.apachewaria.com/.


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